Streets Of The City


Streets Of The City

"We tend to limit our expectation of God's presence to the church service or the private quiet time/devotions. But God is just as present in the big wide world if we are prepared to look - especially among the poor, the homeless, the disadvantaged and the lonely. This song encourages us to seek to grow in our understanding and relationship with God by being out there where he is, being his hands and feet, the physical embodiment of his presence to those around us, experiencing his compassion, his friendship, his love and mercy, and sharing it with those in need." (Stuart Townend)

Written by Stuart Townend (PRS)
© 2014 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Townend Music (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7027587.

Lord, we stand in the shallows of all you have given
Grateful for mercy yet hungry for more
For the power of grace to go out from this place
To the ends of the earth

We have praised you with passion and worshipped in wonder
Thrilled by your Spirit and fed by your word
Now to fully delight in the riches of Christ
We must go to the world

For you live in the streets of the city
You stand with the weak and the needy
You walk with homeless and hungry and poor
And your hands are the hands I am lifting
Your voice is the life I am living
Your love longs to meet them, but how will they know
Unless I am willing to go?

Lord, where are you hungry and where are you thirsty
Naked, imprisoned, with no one to care?
To give of our best to the poor and oppressed
Is to give back to you

So cause us to see with the eyes of the savior
Give us a heart that will love as you love
Courageous compassion in words and in action
Brings hope to the world



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