Strong To Save


Strong To Save

"Sometimes songs come from a long process of refining and tweaking. Others are birthed out of a moment. This song was born in a moment over time. Part of it began as an accompaniment to a Christmas hymn. From there, the song grew into something that has become an anthem for our church.

There is something powerful in corporately singing about who God is, singing out truth in confidence. It has a way of magnifying God when we still have hardship in life. So often we sing songs that are request driven, asking God to do something, to give us something…. but Strong To Save is a reminder that there’s nothing we could give or bring or ask for to persuade God to be active in our lives. Sometimes the best thing for our soul is to simply lift up the name of Jesus higher than our circumstance and give him the highest praise." (Mark Alan Schoolmeesters)

Written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (BMI)
© 2013 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Standing Room Only (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7061351.

What can we give, what can we bring?
What can we know, what songs can we sing?
All that we are, all that we’ll be belongs to you

Jesus, be lifted higher
Jesus, your name be greater
Jesus, be lifted high
You’re strong to save, strong to save

Your name be lifted high
It’s Jesus we adore
Your name be lifted high
Christ the Lord, Christ the Lord



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