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Story Behind The Song: New Name

“As I landed in Chattanooga TN for the first time I was greeted by two sparkling smiles. I had no idea at the time that Micah, who I hadn’t seen since our days studying together at college in Australia (9 years prior) would become my wife and the cheery 3 year old buckled up tightly in her car seat in the back of the car, Eliana would become my daughter.” (Matthew Macaulay)

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Let Love Be The Anchor

“At the beginnings of Micah and I discovering romance I was bombarded by fear, anxiety and felt unable to define what I thought what love was. I knew that in this moment I couldn’t trust my emotions and feelings. I sat down and wrote these words as an honest prayer asking God to show me the true, living and substantial kind of love that I knew I needed to discover.” (Matthew Macaulay)

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