The Beatitudes


The Beatitudes

“Somewhere between liturgical and modern, this song sings Christ’s sermon on the mount, with a chorus genuinely yearning for God and understanding. Jesus' infamous sermon brought a completely different worldview into culture with ideas like "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth" and "God blesses those who work for peace." These are ideas that our world needs more than ever today. "God blesses those who pray" mentioned in verse two is not a traditional Beatitude, but is an "Informal modern Beatitude" proposed by Pope Francis during his visit to Sweden on All Saints Day 2016." (Chase Wagner)

Written by Chase Wagner (BMI), Tyler Howell (ASCAP)
© 2017 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Race Street Market (BMI), Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Race Street Market's ASCAP Designee (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7098227.

God blesses those who search and thirst
God blesses those who mourn
God blesses those who work for peace
God blesses those who wait

I want to see God
I want to know your heart
I want to see your kingdom come
I want to see God
I want to know your heart
I want to see your will be done

God blesses those who show their need
God blesses those who pray
God blesses those whose spirits low
God blesses those who weep

In all my ways
In all my days
My life to serve your name
Your love so free
Calls out to me
Brings me to life again



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