The Body And The Blood


The Body And The Blood

“These are the Words of Ministration from the Book of Common Prayer to be spoken by priests as they administer the bread and the chalice bearers as they share the cup. These words speak to our unity and history as both Catholic and Protestant: 

The body of our Lord... Take this in remembrance... The blood of our Lord... Drink this in remembrance... But for modern, often pragmatic reasons, the words of ministration have been softened, so as not to offend the recipients, or shortened, just to make it easier for the servers to memorize: The Body of Christ, the bread of heaven. The Blood of Christ, the cup of salvation. 

My hope in setting the fuller words to a tune is that they will be recovered in our modern eucharistic services, funding a greater imagination for our identity as Protestant Catholics in a world of division and disunity.” (Ryan Flanigan)

Written by Ryan Flanigan (BMI)
© 2017 Ryan Flanigan Music (BMI), Common Hymnal Digital (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7123805.

     Bm A/C#  D  Bm  F#m   E       Bm  A/C#  D
The bod    -   y of  our  Lord   Jesus Christ
Which was given for thee
     Bm    A/C# D     Bm  F#m        E               Bm  A/C#  D
Preserve thy     body and  soul unto everlasting life
Take and eat this in
    Em                              A
Remembrance that Christ died for thee
       D                         G/B
And feed on him in thy heart by faith
       Em C#7
With thanksgiving 

    Bm A/C#  D  Bm  F#m    E       Bm  A/C#  D
The blood         of our  Lord    Jesus Christ
Which was shed for thee
     Bm  A/C#  D     Bm  F#m       E               Bm  A/C#  D
Preserve thy     body and  soul unto everlasting life
Drink this in
     Em                             A
Remembrance that Christ blood
         D          G/B
Was shed for thee
            Em   C#7
And be thankful



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