The Cross Made The Change


The Cross Made The Change

“I had been meditating on the tension between Christ's humanity and deity and how hard it must have been for common people to see him as the son of God. This led to a melody and some lyrics for a chorus and a few scattered ideas for verses. I knew I was supposed to share this with the group. We spent the first bit of time just discussing this idea from a biblical perspective and the song slowly started to come together. This song celebrates the simple human dignity of our savior, showing us that God's miraculous power is revealed in a humbly incarnate Christ.” (Justin Gray)

“Justin brought the simple and brilliant line “the cross made the change” to me and Aaron. I love how concise the song remains while speaking into an incredible complex topic, the transformative power of Jesus in our lives. I’m forever enthralled by how surprising and wonderful the changes in my life are as I look to my Creator and grow closer to Jesus.” (Kevin Dailey)

“Meditating on how to communicate the human part of Christ with Justin and Kevin was a harder task than I initially imagined.  Justin brought the imagery of the teenage mother, unbelieving brother, and man in poverty and it felt like what came next needed to also convey the revolutionary aspect of who Christ chose to be when he walked among us.  We worked really hard, never gave up on the song, and when we shared it at the evening showcase, it seemed to take on a life of it’s own.” (Aaron Strumpel)

Written by Justin Gray (BMI), Kevin Dailey (SESAC), Aaron Strumpel (ASCAP)
© 2018 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Every Nation Songcasting (BMI), Common Hymnal Online (SESAC), Kip Central (SESAC), Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Thirsty Dirt Records (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7123291.

Dm C Dm C
When they saw Jesus, they saw a teenage mother
Dm C Dm Am
They saw an unbelieving brother, just a man in poverty
Dm C Dm C
But when I see Jesus, I see the sovereign and a savior
Dm C Dm Am
I see the healer of the nations, I see the stone rolled away

Dm C G
Nobody thought that this son of sorrows
Dm C G
Would be broken for love to fix our tomorrows

But it’s the cross that made the change
It’s the cross that made the change
Dm Am
And I’ll let everybody know
That it’s the cross that made the change

When they saw Jesus, they saw a rebel and a problem
They did everything to stop him, even put him on a tree
But I when see Jesus, I see the sovereign and the savior
I see the healer of the nations, I see the glory from Galilee

F C Dm C
Now when we see Jesus we become like Jesus
F C/E Dm Am
When we know how he sees us, we will never be the same



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