The Means Justifies The End


The Means Justifies The End


Jesus was not results driven. He was always focused on the process and never the outcome. It is inconceivable to think of him ‘cutting corners’ for the sake of ‘influence’.

In contrast, we live in a time in history when the end can all too often justify the means. Compromise can be seen as a necessary concession to hasten success.

The apostle, Paul, captured the MO of Christ when he wrote in Corinthians chapter thirteen about the importance of internal processing over external accomplishments.

In stark terms, he suggested that we could be spiritual virtuosos, flowing in the most powerful spiritual gifts, but miss the mark. Spiritual prowess without love, humility, mercy, forgiveness and justice, and the cultivation of a sensitive conscience, amounts to nothing in the kingdom.

He went on to suggest that we could wow the masses with prophetic insight, have supernatural faith to accomplish the impossible, give generously to legitimate needs, and turn the world upside down, yet sill be nothing but a loud noise.

Real Christianity is about learning to value the process more than the end result.

The means always justifies the end.

Malcolm du Plessis



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