The Real War On Christmas


The Real War On Christmas

Latifah Alattas sent in this extract from an article in the Houston Chronicle entitled “The Real War On Christmas”. Please click on the hyperlink to read the full article.

The real war on Christmas is a campaign to forget that the holy family sought asylum as refugees and to refuse to see each desperate family at our border as a reflection of the sacred. The real war on Christmas is waged by those who claim the name of Jesus while embracing the values of the Herod — using fear to stoke tension and strife, to perpetuate subjugation and extract vengeance so that those more privileged retain every last morsel they can. We have permitted the values of Herod to creep in and take over, to distract us from the vulnerability of hope emanating from the person of a newborn baby whose parents are besieged by plots of murder fashioned by a fearful tyrant.

When we keep Christ in Christmas, we’re not so much interested in trinkets and toys and coffee cups that glitter with all the right stratagems, as we are about the poor, the outcasts, the marginalized, those whom society blames or ignores. We are called to offer mercy, humility, embrace, liberation, peace.

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