Trust In You


Trust In You

"In July 2015, when this song was written, I found myself standing at the edge of a chasm. I felt like the Lord was telling me to step out, lean into him and release control. This song was written during a time where my heart had to learn how to declare the true nature of God, while holding onto the clear promises he had made. Nearly a year later, I can say with confidence that he is Good and he is faithful; living a life of faith is absolutely worth the unknowing." (Cassie Parroco)

"Life is constantly changing. Some change we anticipate and some change is unexpected. The day this song was written, was a day the three of us sat in a writing room talking about how Cassie knew that God was asking her to take a leap of faith and move to Nashville. No apartment lined up, no prospect of a job, just a certainty that God had given her a date to move in faith.

In these past few months, she is engaged, her fiancé miraculously found work in Nashville, and the list goes on.

May the words of this song meet you where you are and remind you always that a life of dependance and faith is a life of fullness." (Mark Alan Schoolmeesters)

Written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (BMI), Chase Wagner (BMI), Cassie Winn (ASCAP)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Standing Room Only (BMI), Race Street Market (BMI), Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Winn Winn Music (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7063651.

Choose this day, O heart of mine
Where your strength is found
No longer captive to this place
You set my feet on solid ground

I trust in you with all my heart
Your light is breaking through the dark
With every step I choose to walk by faith
I trust in you with all my heart
You always finish what you start
in every breath my life will bring you praise

When clouds of strife
The dark of night, come to shake my faith
I choose this hope, an endless grace
The power of Jesus name

In the face of fear my hope will stand
Your promises are good
You are my strength and my defense
I fix my eyes on you



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