Story Behind The Song: Who You Say You Are


Who You Say You Are


“Who You Say You Are” was written from the perspective of someone who is a believer and follower of Jesus, but has questions, worries, doubts, and fears that they aren’t afraid to voice to him because they have relationship and not just religion. When we sat down to write, we knew we wanted to write something honest but we also knew we wanted confidence, peace, and joy to be the overwhelming effect. The truth is that Jesus once walked the same Earth that we walk; he felt every emotion and temptation that we feel and there is so much comfort in that truth. Those moments of weakness are not moments of failure, they are opportunities to experience the supernatural strength of Jesus; according to 2 Corinthians 12:9. Our prayer is that as you deepen your relationship with Jesus, let your doubts cause you to lean further into him, allow your fears to trust his sovereignty, and let any questions you have push you to deconstruct any bad theology you were taught…and find out how real and loving he is.

Kierre Bjorn Lindsay

Jenny, Kierre, and I sat outside in the sunlight on an April afternoon, when the temperature couldn’t make up its mind as to whether or not it was cold or warm. We chatted for a while and arrived on a conversation about doubt and uncertainty. 

In many modern church settings we don’t leave a lot of room for our own frailty and uncertainty, as if our performance or faith determines God’s identity. Rather than the other way around.

In reality, if God is God, he is God with or without us. He doesn’t look at us and think we are failures because we aren’t the most confident or the most persuasive or the most exemplary. Jesus knew Peter would deny him, but still chose him to be the first apostle to begin a movement that would spread. 

When we wrote “Who You Say You Are” we wanted to tie these ideas together while also creating a collective group response. Often we hear modern songs that make everything about the individual self, the experience and faith of oneself. We seldom identify as a collective group that is on this journey together.

“Who You Say You Are” reminds the church that we are a work in progress together, and it is Christ doing the work in us. Our response leads us back to Him even in the midst of our imperfections, even the imperfections of our very faith and understanding.

Special thanks to Amos Housworth for helping bring the song together and adding the finishing touches with your awesome cello playing!

Isaac Gill

Its easy to picture God, being this busy Father sitting at his desk, in his office and that we, as his children shouldnt be bothering him if we havent got anything very important to ask or tell him about.

But in projecting that image, we assume that God is just like a human being, (just maybe a slight better version): A person who has limited amount of time, patience, love, grace,kindness. And that our flaws and incapacity could actually have the ability to shake him.

But that’s not the case at all.

God cannot be threatened by our questions to him, he knows that we can’t understand everything. He doesnt become smaller when we are being afraid or have doubts. He isn’t like that.

God is not dependent on our faith, but he wants us to have it because we are so much better with it.

So we wrote this song because we wanted to remind ourselves of that. To actually dare to believe that God is who he says he is: a good Father. A good shepherd. A mama bird who takes her children under her wings.

Jenny Wahlström



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