Why Social Justice


Why Social Justice?

Social Justice is trending in Christianity. More and more believers are adopting a variety of causes. In some contexts, it has become somewhat of a fashion statement, as pockets of Christianity become more and more fashion-driven. In many cases, it is the result of deeply felt convictions as people, millennials in particular, are searching to find meaning in this world.

But why? Why is social justice inextricably intertwined with the Christian faith?

When Jesus commissioned us to go out into all the world, he sent us out to tell people the good news of his kingdom, which is slang for the king’s domain, that place where the benevolent leadership of Jesus is experienced in its fullness.

Sadly, we have all encountered situations where the ‘good’ news does not feel like good new to those we are seeking to help because of the unfairness and complexity of their current unjust circumstances – whether they be systemic racism, poverty, abuse, and this list goes on. 

Justice is what we do when we face this dissonance head on. Before we can earn the right to share our news, we have to remove the obstacles that they are facing - which are real and crushing. 

Social justice is more than a buzz word. It is the down-and-dirty of the kingdom of God. 

When believers criticize social justice, saying that it compromises the spirituality of the gospel, one can only guess that they have not ventured out much and experienced the sad realities in this world.

Malcolm du Plessis



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