Story Behind The Song: You Are Good (Your Mercy Endures)


You Are Good (Your Mercy Endures)

This song came in two waves, a large portion of it being written by David in Armenia. The heart of the song began as a reflection on one of the most asked questions related to God and faith... if there is a God and if God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?

David has been privileged to witness both wonderful and heartbreaking things in various Middle Eastern countries over the last 5 or so years.. and that question lingered with him as he sat as his piano over the summer.. how can these things co-exist? If there is a problem of suffering, there also must be the problem of goodness. And this song came from that meditation on the goodness of God that is still evident even in the midst of the most desperate situations of the human race all around the world. It's possible to see things differently, to understand things through the eyes of faith.. we can be caught up in the beauty of life, the beauty of love, and the beauty of a good God who, out of his own goodness created all that we know, and said 'it is good'.

When he brought what he had to his friend Gilbert, it was at just the right time, and Gilbert helped bring cohesion to the music and ideas, and they both are really excited about the possibility for this song to bring others into an experience of the goodness of God.

David Brymer

How is it possible, after all that some of us have been through, that God’s intentions for us are good? This song addresses the goodness of God that interfaces with the things that we hear about people who make it through difficult circumstances. We are sustained by God’s Goodness.

If we look at the context of 1 Chronicle 16 - it was during the time when the ark of the covenant is placed inside the tent. On top of the ark was the Mercy Seat. This was the only place in the world where God prescribed atonement to be made. The Israelites were not able to make atonement without the ark. Having the ark was a big deal. This is the chapter where David finally brings the ark back to the land. David shares a song of thanks. After many years, rhe joy of having the ark back in the community leads the Israelites to sing of God’s greatness. This psalm calls the people to worship. They reflect upon and give thanks for the Lord’s steadfast and enduring love.

David Brymer brought the song to me in a time where I felt like God’s calling on my life is just starting to take shape. After years of not really understanding "the why’s” of the season I was in, God used David Brymer to encourage me in a time when I needed to be reminded of his goodness.

It felt like God’s way of showing me.. “hey I know you’ve been through a lot, and I’ve had plans for you that you haven’t seen fulfilled, but just trust me… I am still good and I want you to sing about my goodness”. That may not be as elaborate as the Israelites joyous experience of bringing the ark back to their land, but for me, it is a moment to look back and remind myself of the goodness of God. David Brymer and I are really excited for you to listen to this song as you reflect on God’s goodness and mercy in your life!

Gilbert Nanlohy



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