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Let Love Be The Anchor

“At the beginnings of Micah and I discovering romance I was bombarded by fear, anxiety and felt unable to define what I thought what love was. I knew that in this moment I couldn’t trust my emotions and feelings. I sat down and wrote these words as an honest prayer asking God to show me the true, living and substantial kind of love that I knew I needed to discover.” (Matthew Macaulay)

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"I wrote this song after my fifth trip to Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. The things I witnessed, the people I met, and the stories I heard had fleshed out the absurdity of the incarnation in a way that scared me, broke my Western worldview, and filled me with gratitude and awe at the humility of Jesus who didn't consider equality with God as something to hold on to, but humbled himself, and became less than nothing... A God who was born a refugee." (David Brymer)

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