Vi Vil Gi’ Dig Det Dedste Vi Har


Vi Vil Gi’ Dig Det Dedste Vi Har

Written In Danish By Arvid Asmussen

Vi vil gi dig bedste vi har / We will give you the best we have
Mund og hænder, alt hvad der er kostbart / Mouth and hands, all that is valuable
Vi holder ikke igen,  vi bær vort offer frem / We hold nothing back, we present our offering
Du fortjener mer’, du er mere værd / You deserve more, you are worth more

Vi lægger alt ned, alt ned / We lay all down, all down
Ved dit korsat / At your cross
Udstrækte arme, arme / Outstreched arms, arms
Tager imod os / Receive us

Vi vil gi’ dig værste vi har / We will give you the worst we have
Mørke hjerter, nye sår og gamle ar / Dark hearts, new wounds and old scars
Vi holder ikke igen, vi bær vort offer frem / We hold nothing back, we present our offering
Du så os da vi faldt, du kan bære alt / You saw us when we fell, you can carry all

Worship is sacrifice. In the book of Romans, Paul calls us to bring our lives as an offering to God.

How amazing to think that we can actually give something to God! We know we can’t measure up. God is worth so much more than we could ever give, but at least we can present our best.

This is the subject matter of the first verse of the song, but it’s only half the truth about "offering our lives to God”. 

Oftentimes we come before God with empty hands. Or maybe the only thing we can give to him is our “dark hearts, new wounds and old scars”. In church we might call it sin or brokenness. In this second verse I simply call it “the worst that we have”. There’s such freedom in this! God not only receives our best, but also our worst. He wants it all.

No matter what we bring, we lay it at the cross. It honors the one big sacrifice made once and for all by Jesus Christ. At the cross, his arms are stretched out toward us.

This song was first a spontaneous song in response to a message, by the pastor of our community, on surrendering everything to Jesus. It was one a special time of seeing the "word" and "worship" working together for the upbuilding of the church.

Arvid Asmussen (Kantoriet)



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