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Audio - Message / Podcast

An Introduction To Love
First in a series of 3 podcasts of Rob Bell interviewing Pete Rollins about "Love".

Are People With Dirty Jobs The Most Successful?
A TED Talk recommended by Savannah Locke, extremely relevant to a movement desiring to see God’s people functioning as a “kingdom of priests”.

A timely word for this season in Christianity, given by Jonathan Martin at a songwriting camp.

Mike Erre Interviews Greg Boyd
Podcast of Greg Boyd talking about his view of the Old Testament and the significance of Jesus' act on the cross. 

Outside Our Gates
Cameron Williams, a 29 year old attorney, a part of the leadership of Urban Doxology, uses the parable of "Lazarus and the Rich Man" to encourage us to love and care for the poor and disenfranchised.

Audio recording of a compelling talk given by Jonathan Martin to a gathering of creatives.

Shaking Loose The Treasure
A prophetic insight for creatives by Jonathan Martin.

Storytelling Through Song
Many of you heard Andy Squyres at Reunion. He recently recorded this podcast for 10000 Fathers' Worship School. If you are a thinker and a grappler with truth, this podcast will grip you!!

Typology Podcast
Ian Cron's new podcast exploring the mystery of the human personality and how we can use the Enneagram  as a tool to become our most authentic selves.


Site - Online Magazine

Jam The Hype
Art Hooker submitted a link to this online magazine, published by the Urban Youth Workers Organization.

Urban Faith
Art Hooker sent in one of his "go tos" for an urban, multi-ethnic perspective on news, faith and culture.


Site - Special Interest

Project Magellan
A new initiative asking: "Is the Bible an arcane book, an antiquated fairy tale, promoting racism and refusing sex?"


Site - Worship

The Union
Matthew Macaulay's involvement in Common Hymnal triggered the launch of The Union, a fellowship of worship leaders and writers in Chattanooga, aimed at bringing dignity to each gift. 


Video - Interview

Bobby McFerrin Interview
Having won Grammys and had mainstream success, Bobby is hardly an underground discovery. But his refreshing approach to his faith feels like it fits the movement. 


Video - Documentary / Short Film

1 Giant Leap
Last week we posted a blog about the decolonizing of the worship movement. Sadly, there is not much happening in Christianity that dignifies the worship of the nations. 1 Giant Leap is NOT a Christian project, but it celebrates diversity beautifully by fusing music, words, sounds, rhythms and images from 20 countries. Hopefully it can inspire vision in some of us for what could happen in the kingdom of God. 

Arvo Pärt's At St Vladimir's Seminary
Brian Hehn, from the Hymn Society, sent in a link to this reflection on what it means to create sacred music from Estonian classical composer Arvo Pärt, the most performed living composer in the world for five consecutive years.

Give Us Love
Sneak preview of a mini-documentary, still in the making, around the song that Will Reagan and Freddy Washington wrote in response to the shooting at Mother Emmanuel in Charleston. Temporary password for this exclusive: 

Micah Macaulay submitted this film about an American pastor whose desire to change the world grinds to a halt in a Scottish parish. An ode to simplicity, ordinariness and a slow paced life, with commentary by Eugene Peterson and NT Wright. 

Options Together
Trailer to a documentary that Art Hooker is producing for a CRU initiative around homelessness and poverty.


Video - Message

Crazy Dynamic Advice From Ava DuVernay (Selma) For Freelance Artists
A variation on a theme of the words of Jesus: "To him who has, more will be given, but to him who does not have, even the little that he does have will be taken away."

Francis Chan Speaks At Facebook
Savannah Locke sent in a link to the original written article about Francis going into detail as to why he left the megachurch that he pioneered. He picks up the story at 28 minutes into the video.

God Is Love
A teaser intro to Greg Boyd.

Gospel Fluency
Grant Webster sent in a link to this message that has been a lifeline to him.

The Myth Of A Christian Nation
Charlie Rose interviews Greg Boyd on TV.

What's A Kinder Way To Frame Success?
Savannah Locke also emailed in a fresh-perspective-on-success link.


Video - Singer-Songwriter

Orlando Palmer (IAMSON) is a part of our extended community. The dude is an original. No xeroxing here.

Brother Song
50 years after Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On', we face the same realities. Courtney Orlando wrote this song of courage and perseverance after unnecessary police violence in his home town. 

Everything That Rises Must Converge
Dane Joneshill is an singer-songwriter from Arkansas, who writes about human fragility in a heart wrenching way. In this trailer, he is vulnerable about releasing his first project on the doorstep of his fortieth. No matter your age, this piece will soften your heart. 

Keep You Here
Stuart Townend sent a link to a song he just recorded for and with his brother, Phil, and their respective families, in response to Phil's ongoing battle with cancer.

Landet På Den Anden Side
Aaron Keyes and Arvid Asmussen are partners in 10000 Fathers, a worship school. They were together in Denmark last week. In this video, Aaron is accompanying Arvid at a singer-songwriter gig. (The Land On The Other Side.)  

Little Things With Great Love
In June, musicians, pastors, writers, and scholars from around the country gathered in NYC for a roundtable and the recording of a series of worship songs around faith and vocation. The project released last week. "Little Things", one of the standout songs, is a meditation on the words of Mother Teresa: "God does not call us all to great things, but calls us to do small things with great love."

Love Is A Winding Road
Jason Upton is about to release A Table Full Of Strangers Volume 2. If you have not yet heard volume 1, this song will prep you well. Jason is "a certified original" in an age of spiritual photocopying.

Latifah Phillips, hymnwriter with Page XCVI  also writes and records as Moda Spira  This beautiful song will help you change gears, slow down a little, and embrace the beauty of your current circumstances.

Vi Vil Gi’ Dig Det Dedste Vi Har
Aaron Keyes is a treasure hunter par excellence. Arvid Asmussen, from Denmark, is one of his choice finds.

Jenny Wahlstrom, singer-songwriter from Sweden, pastor of a house church in Stockholm. 

When I've Been Gone
Music video by William Wild. Garret Sale, the singer and songwriter of this band, is part of the broader United Pursuit community.


Video - Spoken Word

Art? By The Plight Of The Maya
Joey Jennings asks the question: "Do you know that you are art?"

Heartache On A Silver Platter
Canden Webb brings a sobering dose of the truth as she recalls the pivotal moment when being a Christian changes from rosey to challenging.

Spoken word by Joseph Solomon.


Video - Blog

Turning Crisis Of Belief Into Movement
Reflections on Reunion 2017 by Art Hooker.


Video - Worship

Christ Has No Body But Yours
In this instance, Josh Garrels is the treasure hunter, reinterpreting a traditional, British Choral Anthem for a millennial audience.

Confiar sem Desconfiar
At the "Treasure Hunting" breakout session at Reunion in October 2017, Ana Luiza Tristao-Ferreira introduced this Brazilian jewel.

Lead Me
Brittney Spencer sent in a song she is loving by KJ Scriven, a worship leader in Charlotte NC.

Psalm 150
We talk a lot about decolonizing the worship movement. Miqedem, a contemporary Messianic Jewish band, is making this vision so much easier to comprehend.

This I Know (Ungizungezile)
Multi-lingual worship from South Africa, in Zulu and English.

This Wild Earth
A track from Young Oceans' new release, which is titled "Suddenly, Or The Nuclear Sunburst Of Of The Truth Revealed". 

Urban Doxology
IAMSON with Urban Doxology, a ministry that is writing the soundtrack of reconciliation in the racially diverse and gentrifying neighborhood of Church Hill, Richmond VA.


Written - Blog

8 Budgeting Tips For Freelancers
Austin Church complements Ava's inspiration with some downright practical input.

A Franciscan Friar's Perspective On Yesterday's 500th Anniversary Of The Reformation
Another heart-softening piece - by Father Richard Rohr.

A Tale Of Two Suppers
Jonathan Martin's blog on how the Eucharist heals what is broken in us and what is broken between us.

Ask For Help
A practical blog post by Austin Church.

Be Hard to Offend
Nathan Fray (United Pursuit) found Austin Church. Austin's blog deals with challenges in the world of freelance business. In his words: "When I reflect on where I want to go in business, I can pick out one trait that I want to define my interactions: Being hard to offend."

Being Black In Country Music
The story of Brittney Spencer, a courageous, female African American worship leader from Baltimore pursuing a career in a “lily white” genre.

This short Instagram post by Jonathan Martin is poignant. If you only ever click on one link, let it be this one. 

For The Love Of Moxie
Just a few years ago, Brene Brown functioned in the underground. Post viral success, she still has an underground message. In this podcast with Jen Hatmaker, she develops her historic themes: shame, suffering, courage and vulnerability.

God Is Building A Home
Nathan Fray espousing the big-hearted hospitality of God.

God’s Love Life: You, Me, And The Trinity
By Bruxy Cavey, who is speaking at Reunion this fall.

Good Friends
An insightful and challenging blog post by Matthew Macaulay.

He's My F**king Pastor
Savannah Locke is on track for the "Treasure Hunter Of the Year" award. The sensationalist title of this submission of hers in no way prepares you for the way this story will move your heart. 

Machine Unreadable
A short Seth Godin piece on original thought, the fuel for innovation, the love language of the underground.

Make Two Lists
Aaron Strumpel forwarded a recent "daily email" from Seth Godin that impacted him - an exercise in thankfulness.

On The Edge of the Inside
A word of perspective, by Richard Rohr, for those with a prophetic flair. A truly remarkable one-pager.

The Risk Of Birth
Rachel Held Evans' final blog of 2016, a commentary on new life against the backdrop of brokenness. A timely read as we approach the end of 2017.

Vive Le Revolution
Bran Zahnd on "the revolution" of the kingdom of God, slang for the king's domain.

What Does It Mean To Be Successful
Rachel Fort sent in this link to a blog from which she draws support as a creative, a wife and a mother.


Written - Poem

Often I Wonder
A poem by Savannah Locke about America.

Forgive me, Dr King
A poem by Jonathan Martin, whose courage recently made headlines.