Liturgical Folk


Liturgical Folk is a sound of liturgical renewal. It is a vision of something refreshingly old for churches that have grown tired of the same new thing. 

Liturgical folk is a new category of music, pairing historic church language with modern, folk melodies, tapping into sounds and forms of worship already resident in a community and culture. This music breaks through today's chaos and clutter with something approachable and haunting, simple and deep. 

Liturgical Folk comes out of the Anglican tradition, but is meant to inspire and refresh all saints, where ever they may be on their journey, and to resource the church with what we have discovered deep in its bones and prayerbooks.

In February 2015 Ryan Flanigan received an email from a parishioner. The title of the message: “Request.” In seventeen years of leading church music Ryan had received many requests, but he had no idea this request would plant the seed of Liturgical Folk. 

“Here’s a poem I wrote for Transfiguration Day. If you can use it, great.” Ryan, not expecting much, read the poem. He read it again. This is beautiful, he thought. He picked up his guitar, set the poem to a little folk tune, and sent it to the equally surprised parishioner. That day Ryan Flanigan and Father Nelson Koscheski stumbled into creative partnership. They have since co-written a dozen and a half new hymns, the foundation stone for Liturgical Folk.



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