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Johan Åsgärde (Sweden) and Oliver Lundström (Finnland) met Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (USA) at a Common Exchange writing camp, and immediately saw the opportunity to do some "cross-pollination", highlighting the creative investment of God in Scandinavia.

These guys are deeply invested in the vision of Common Exchange, and the call to give everyone a "chance to play". Their feet are firmly anchored in the house group, in the small, in the communal. Every Thursday, they stream their weekly worship gathering, from their studio in Örebro in the heart of Sweden, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo.

However, Noise Village is their outlet to have a little fun, and to reproduce some of the songs in our catalog in unapologetic "Euro-Pop". 

Practically, they are joining the dots between creatives in Sweden and in other parts of the world. Symbolically, they are hoping to trigger many more such multi-national partnerships. 

In an ever changing world, where the chasms that separated us are being removed by technology, we are truly becoming a global and "noisy" village.

"We are sons and daughters in the making
We are fragility in its becoming
We are driven by love that conquers
We have seen and we are followers
We are one
We are


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