Podcast Prep

Here is a progress report on our behind the scenes efforts to build a Common Hymnal Podcast.

We wanted to find a way to capture our core value of building a collaborative ‘priesthood’ - in the intro. (And furthermore, in the way that we construct the various episodes.)

Check it out.

We asked a bunch of our people to send in audio, and we chopped them up and put them over a musical bed of our song “I’ve Got The Joy”.


Some of us loved it. Some thought that it sounded too much like a blues club. And that we needed something that was a little more sober. We experimented using a piece of music that was a little more ‘podcast-y’ - but we ultimately decided that we wanted to use something from our soon-to-be-released project. We opted for the intro to He Has Time. It created a whole different ambience - which we have all embraced.

We are still working on it. But you can get some feel for where we are going here with this next draft.

This “kingdom if priests” stuff is rewarding as can be, but challenging. The pursuit of a culture of collaboration sure makes one understand why hierarchies and control cultures develop. They are just much easier!!!

Let us know what you think?