Quiet And Peace


Quiet And Peace is a community of photographers, cinematographers and instrumental music composers who create beautiful music and images to aid meditation and quiet time with God - providing and outlet for Christians with an artistic flair and talent to find their place in the priesthood of believers.

The initiative was founded in 2015 by Dan Weeks (Producer, Composer) and Andy Gill (Composer, Games Designer), who both live and work in London, UK. There was a period of time, when Dan and Andy were leading worship together, that they led their congregation into times of contemplative, instrumental worship - with no lyrics or words. These moments of worship were inspirational, allowing time for people to rest, reflect, hear God and respond. 

Likewise, in his work as a music producer, Dan regularly finds himself working with Christian photographers and cinematographers in the mainstream music industry and has noticed there are limited outlets to present their incredible art as inspiration for worship.

Quiet And Peace was founded to offer the Christian artistic community a platform to present their work to the church at large in a format that is both honoring and worshipful.