What Do We Mean By The Underground?

The easiest way to describe the "spiritual underground" is to reference the "overground"—that is, the visible network of Christian institutions and organizations.

By contrast, the underground is where new ideas percolate.

Many stories in the Bible show God instigating new stuff "on the fringes” or "on the outskirts of the established religious order." For example, John the Baptist ate locusts and lived in the desert. He was radical in every sense of the word.

Even so, the underground is not about reaction or resistance to the overground. The underground is all about innovation!

A New Generation of Leaders, A New Style Of Leadership

All around the world, a new generation of leaders is mobilizing around the idea of a kingdom of priests.

For a select few dynamic personalities to proclaim the vision and gather a group of people to fulfill it is not satisfying to these leaders.

They want to build communities where "every mountain and hill is brought low, and every valley is raised up." They want to level the spiritual playing field so that everyone truly has a part to play.

These communities are more relational than institutional and thus fluid in nature.

For the time being, we are calling them "underground nodes": local points of connection in an bigger global movement.

Starting And/Or Connecting With Other Underground Nodes

If God is stirring you and you want to be one of those points of connection, then please get in touch. We’d love to know what you are up to!

We hope to connect the dots between like-minded communities around the world.