What Do We Mean By The Underground?

The easiest way to describe the "spiritual underground" is to reference the existence of the "overground" - a highly-visible, well-built network of Christian structures, institutions and organizations that house a myriad of legit and well-purposed endeavors.

In contrast, The Underground represents initiatives that are, for the most part, under-the-radar, bubbling-under-the-surface, incubating in the space where new ideas are conceived, where the next wave is formed.

Many of the stories in the Bible show God instigating new stuff "on the fringes", "on the outskirts of the established religious order."

The Underground is not about resistance or reaction to the overground. It is about innovation!!

A New Generation Of Leaders, A New Style Of Leadership

All around the world, a new generation of leaders is mobilizing around the idea of God's people doing mission together as a "kingdom of priests".

The idea of a dynamic personality proclaiming the vision, and then gathering a group of people to fulfill it, is not satisfying to these leaders. They want to build communities where "every mountain and hill is brought low, and every valley is raised up", and everyone stands on a level playing field, where everyone truly has a part to play. These communities are generally quite fluid in their construct, more relational then institutional.

For the time being, we are calling them "underground nodes" - points of connection in an unconventional movement of forward-thinking communities and kingdom initiatives.

Starting And/Or Connecting with Other Underground Nodes

If you are being stirred by God to start an underground node, please consider joining the exchange, and letting us know what you are up to.

If you are already part of an underground node and are hoping to connect with other like-minded communities, please join the exchange so we can help you join some dots.