The Union


Over the last few years there has been significant investment in the arts and the creative community in Chattanooga. It's been noted that often when this community thrives and grows, so does a city. In the last two years especially we have started to see walls come down and people start to form and build beautiful relationships. Where previously Chattanooga had been known as a place of division, it is now being seen as a place of freedom, unity and expression. 

We have started to see gatherings happen across the city of people, leaders and artists coming together to worship. God is clearly doing something among us and we are seeing that this collection of people are all desiring to be apart of something bigger than themselves. Never before have we seen so many people so passionate about seeing a city transformed. That's why we've started this new initiative; supported, resourced and guided by the Chattanooga House of Prayer. 'The Union' was and is the desire of many and an idea formed in the heart of God. It's the continued story of his deep desire for relationship with his people. 



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