Partner With Us As A Treasure Hunter

All around the world, a new generation of leaders is mobilizing around the idea of God's people doing mission together as a ‘kingdom of priests’.

These leaders are no longer pursuing the model of the solitary catalyst proclaiming the vision, then mobilizing a group of followers to fulfill it. They are building communities where 'every mountain is flattened, and every valley is raised up' — leveling the playing field so that everyone has the opportunity to play their part. Hierarchy is being replaced by a culture of collaboration.

Treasure Trove

God’s kingdom, slang for ‘the king's domain,’ is a treasure trove of intriguing communities and fascinating individuals with stories to be told, ideas to be shared, artwork to be displayed, articles to be published, podcasts to be recorded, songs to be sung, movies to be filmed, and visions to be fulfilled. The moment we catch a vision of God’s people as a collaborative community of priests, our focus moves from our individual pursuits to what God can do when we work together with others - and we become treasure hunters, seeking out hidden treasure with the goal of finding gifted co-collaborators with whom we can partner in the mission.


This collaborative approach to the building of the local community is triggering more and more collaboration between communities. A generation of ‘connectors’ is rising up, building community between creatives, encouraging collaboration, and helping curate and cross-pollinate the gifts coming out of their regions for the benefit of the church-at-large.

We call these connectors Treasure Hunters, and we are looking to build meaningful partnership with Treasure Hunters all around the world.

We are NOT looking for regional managers to build our brand, as we are not looking to structure an organization or try to manage a movement. We are, however, hoping to build relationships with allied Treasure Hunters who are looking for connection with a broader network, and are happy to navigate the clumsinesses that come with building relationally.

Potential Awkwardness

Working together on content creation requires an added layer of relational depth because of the inherent awkwardnesses that arise when trying to build consensus around taste and preference. As we make progress in our mission, we are becoming more and more clear about the kind of content we are meant to be developing. This is all extremely subjective, and necessitates trust and understanding.

Join the Hunt

If you would like to work with us as a Treasure Hunter, please start by signing up for our newsletter. 

Next step would be to reach out to tell us what you are doing, and how you see us potentially partnering together.


1. Treasure hunters are champions of others and not self promoters.

2. Treasure hunters respect what is happening in the overground, but they are hunting for hidden treasure in the outskirts of Christendom, the spiritual underground. 

3. Treasure hunters are realistic. Not everything of value needs to be 'virtuoso'. However, they are looking for fresh/original more than predictable/cliche.

4. In order to submit content for consideration for our newsletter, site, Spotify playlist or socials, please email us for a password. When we have sent this out to you, you will need to scroll down to the footer and choose submit content.

5. If the connection looks like it could end up with us working together on intellectual properties, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the protocol we have developed for managing this reality in this password protected area.