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what do we mean by the Spiritual Underground?


our movement is an Underground Movement


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The easiest way to imagine the spiritual underground is to reference the overground - the highly-visible and well established network of churches, ministries and institutions that are the face of Christianity to our world.

By contrast, the underground is that unseen space, on the outskirts of Christianity, where unknown, unconventional and unlikely candidates function in more-loosely-structured communities, explore new ideas and give birth to new initiatives.

Many bible stories show God instigating new stuff on the fringes of the established religious order. For example, John the Baptist!

The underground is not about reaction or resistance to the overground. It is about prophetic innovation!


Historically, the church has gathered around theology. More recently, around personalities and produced events. The spiritual underground is more sociological in construct. We share a desire to see God's people becoming a kingdom of priests - a collaborative community in which everyone has a part to play.

In many cases, we are not incorporated as non-profits, with no 'tithes and offering' infrastructure. We celebrate and practice generosity; we are just more likely to invest in the nations, in the poor, and in justice initiatives than in full time staff. Leadership tends to be authenticated by involvement in the real world, oftentimes in entrepreneurial ventures that are making a difference.

It goes without saying that you can live in the overground yet have an underground spirit. The common ingredient: a sensitized conscience.

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