Booking Common Hymnal


It is still early days for Common Hymnal, but our favorite experiences, so far, have been when we have been able to bring guys and girls from the network together for stuff - writing camps, events, etc.

For example, we put together a team to lead worship at United Pursuit’s Reunion, and it was a blast. We partnered with Brandi Miller on the Justice Track at Urbana, and it was very rewarding.

To be clear, we are not aggressively pursuing influence. We have chosen to stay indie, and are choosing to build slowly and carefully. We are not looking to build a presence in the existing worship sub-culture. We are truly hoping to forge a new path and coalesce people who are currently not involved in mainstream Christianity. In this spirit, we are wide open to exploring opportunities that are synergistic with our purpose and modus operandi.

If you feel that you could be a partner with us in this pursuit, and would like to invite us to put together a musical team for an event in your area, please consider the following, then fill out the form below:

(1) How many and who do you want to invite? Please refer to the Creatives Page.

(2) Do you have the production set up, and the workforce, to ensure a good experience?

(2) Do you have a budget to cover food, travel and accommodation, and a fee for each team member for each day that he or she is away from their homes and families?