What is a Kingdom of Priests


The root of this movement is the conviction that God wants his people to function as a kingdom of priests, a collaborative community where everyone makes a valid contribution.

This idea applies both to local communities and to the church universal, all believers around the world who put their faith in Jesus.

Currently, “the few” do the work on behalf of “the many.” At least, that’s true of most churches and Christian communities.

We would like to see a new notion take root: We are at our best when we actively encourage “the many” to participate in worship and in God’s mission.

Starting With Worship

How we engage in communal worship pretty much sets up the template for everything else. That’s why communal worship is the best place to start. This common priesthood movement originated in small, intimate worship gatherings.

Finding Your Voice

In light of the vision, we help each individual find his or her voice. We encourage you to speak out with a new sense of purpose—in your local community and beyond. Currently, the opportunity to shape the church-at-large is limited. A small set of ministry celebrities usually gets the microphone. However, we hope to spread the idea of the priesthood of believers in such a way that the church will look beyond that handful of famous personalities. Just think how many fresh songs, stories, and testimonies about what God is doing are waiting for us!

Discovering Other Voices

We’d like to introduce you to some new voices. Not every person functioning in a local community has an “apostolic” destiny. At the same time, not every voice needs to have "star appeal." Therefore, we exercise care in whom we introduce and when.

Also, it’s worth saying that this is not a "youth" movement. If everyone gets a chance to participate, then “everyone” includes all generations, all cultures, and all nations.

To meet some of the people with whom we have connected, tap/click on Creatives in the main menu.

You can listen to their songs, read their writings, and check out their various sites and social media feeds.

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