We Will Worship


We are a group of friends brought together by a common love for God and love for making music in South Africa. It all started out as a crazy dream (in an accounting lecture), to see the nations of Africa transformed through the everyday worship of its people in every tongue. What started out as a dream, still remains a dream, but one that’s slowly unfolding into reality, day by day.

We say we’re not a band but a movement as we intentionally make room for God to add to us and shift us as seasons change so that what He started with and through us, can continue on even after we’re gone. Our desire is not for our names or even our songs to be remembered, but for all people to know and take their place as priests and worshippers of God. Not because they’re gifted musicians, but simply because they’re sons and daughters of The Father.

As a collective we endeavor to write songs about what God is doing and has promised to do, whilst remembering and honouring what He has done. We want Him to hear our song and for us to hear His song over us. And as much as we’re songwriters and musicians, we don’t cease to be worshippers when we clock in on Monday mornings as accountants, students, teachers and mothers. For where we find ourselves daily, in that place is the altar that we are to lay our lives down on as living sacrifices.

We’re friends together on a journey. There are still things that we haven’t figured out yet but we are confident in Gods’ love for us and our love for Him, so we dream on.



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