Phillip Joubert


Phillip Joubert is an artist, emcee, influencer, and composer. Born in CT, fostered in NYC, and based in Knoxville, TN, Phillip draws on his vast palette of personal experiences to paint pictures of hope in song, from upbringings in a broken ministry home to his journey of recovery.

Phillip sees his art as an extension of the call on his life to speak gospel truth to anyone who will listen. He loves pushing genre boundaries and finding the best ways to make songs come alive. Sonically, he can take you to the night club or the prayer room while on stage - you just never know what the moment will call for. He loves the freedom that God gives to make dope content.

Outside of solo work, you can find Phillip living that dad life with his wife Sonia and his daughters, Jael and Théa. He also leads worship regularly and serves on the Teaching Team at his local church, Hope Fellowship.