Will Retherford


Will is an artist out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Will and hiss family have lived in Charlotte, NC (where he started Doxa Theo) and NYC (where he got his masters in theology), but now they find themselves back to Will's home town in Tulsa where they enjoy investing in the creative culture of the city. Will has largely written Christian music and has served in many different kinds of churches. Will is now an Anglican and serves an Episcopal Church called Christ Church. Will has written music for Ten Thousand Fathers, Common Hymnal, Doxa Theo, and WorshipMob. Will is currently working on new content where he wishes to blend the sounds of progressive pop with liturgical sounds that you can find at mass. Will has written and/or recorded with The Brilliance, Gungor, Aaron Keyes, Leslie Jordan, David Leonard, Eric Marshall from Young Oceans, and many others. Will hopes to ride (and cross) the line of music found in church and at social justice rallies. Will believes learning to be human and treating others as yourself is deeply Christian, but is not limited to that view of faith. On the side, Will loves reading and writing about faith, politics, and learning to be human. Will has written for Relevant Magazine, The Worship Community, and 10,000 Fathers. Will also enjoys recording podcasts, and designing websites for those in need of an aesthetic change.



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